The birth of a child is one of the most memorable days of one's life. Doulas are here to walk you through it. From holding space, to holding your hips through each contraction, our support is unique in that we are there just for you and your family! Whatever you may need and want during your birth, we help to make possible-- day or night, in person or by phone. doulas are your go-to, consistent 3rd party support with really juicy information to help you navigate your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. We are a resource, ear to hear you, shoulder to lean on, and we typically come with chocolate! This is the future of maternity care and medicine -- and makes SUCH a difference. 


Anna’s birth doula package includes the following:

  • A free consultation for us to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit for this special time. We always tell our perspective clients to choose the doula(s) they feel most comfortable with. We will be spending a lot of intimate time together!

  • Informational & emotional support from the time of hire via email, phone and text. You can reach out for guidance, resources or to process what's happening for you and your family. If we can help, we will! If it's outside our scope of practice, we'll make sure to find you the support you need, including relevant care providers.

  • 1-2 prenatal visits in your home to prepare for childbirth, infant feeding and the immediate postpartum period. These visits usually last about 2 hours each.

  • Your doula will be officially on call for you 24/7 from your 37th week of pregnancy until birth. Meaning you *can* and we encourage you to call in the middle of the night if you are in labor. The earlier we know, the better we can help you! If you go into labor before 37 weeks, please still call, and we'll make every effort to attend your birth, or send backup if necessary.

  • We will join you when you are in labor and ready for support and stay with you until your baby is born, then stay 1-2 hours after (or until you are settled and comfortable). During this time we can offer breastfeeding support for the first latch, and we always make sure you and your partner have a tasty meal in your hands or on the way before leaving you.  

  • We’ll do a postpartum visit in your home (or place of birth) anytime between when you get home and 2 weeks after your baby is born. The sooner the better so we can help with any lactation questions that may come up, and to help you process you birth, if you’d like to do that. Further lactation support is available at an additional $150/visit after our included postnatal visit. We can also help you find amazing postpartum support, if needed.

New Clients: Please CONTACT US for current birth doula rates.

*Note to Returning Clients: Fees may be different now than when we worked together in the past. Please reach out to discuss a fee that feels right for us both! 


  • Doula Services Package with Anna Cheechov

  • Private, in-home Childbirth Education class tailored to your needs (basically a 3rd, extra long prenatal visit!)

  • 12 hours of postpartum care with Anna or another of our Postpartum Doulas

  • Placenta Preparation

  • Family Self-Care Package. Including items from the Earth to support your pregnancy and postpartum time for the whole family. Some of our favorite products from companies we love and trust for your body and mind as you go through one of the most intense times in your life. Crystals, herbs, teas, soaks, essential oils and CBD may be included. Each package will be carefully tailored to your families needs and likes.


Ranging from $50-$75/hour, our postpartum doulas will work with you to make a custom care plan to meet your individual needs and the needs of your family. Please see our postpartum doula list to learn more about what we do!

Payment plans available.

We realize this is an investment that is not typically covered by insurance. Most FSA accounts will reimburse for doula services. We are happy to provide documents to support this!

Include BIRTH AND POSTPARTUM DOULA CARE on your 'wish lists' and registries!