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Mama-baby centered care to help you integrate more softly into your 4th trimester. Postpartum doulas are your after-birth fairy godmothers. They are a source of non-biased support for you and your whole family as your transition into parenthood-- especially during the first days of baby's life. They are your well-rested extra set of hands when there might be a lot to juggle. Food for the family, feeding the baby, healing from birth, newborn care, home integration and organization and emotional support are just a few of the wonderful gifts they offer. Wether you prefer just a few hours of support or a package of many visits over time, these wonderful woman are here to help. 

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Nneka's interest in becoming a doula seeded in her experiences supporting members of her extended family through their transitions into parenthood. She reveled in the joy of welcoming new cousins as they joined her large and ever-growing family which is primarily based in Antigua. Her work as a postpartum doula and her desires to work with families in this critical moment of their lives grew organically from 4 years as a Waldorf Early Childhood educator and her cumulative 12 years of varied and extensive experiences as a professional child care provider across New York City.

In the summer of 2018, Nneka pursued this interest and trained as a full spectrum doula with Ancient Song doula services. Later, after realizing the need for more postpartum support she decided to train further as a postpartum doula with Ann Grauer through Nurturing Doula Dreams and DONA international. She also studied English Literature and French at Pace University and spent a year at the University of Paris studying French which she speaks proficiently.

She strives to provide holistic support for families welcoming a new child or children into their homes through the many means in which that can occur, whether that is informational support or whether your needs are practical or even just a listening ear. She sees herself as a gentle guide through the fog of newness and the unknown so that families may reach a place of empowerment and cohesion.

She is comfortable with children of all ages due to her varied experiences as an educator and child care provider. She is energetic, patient and caring as well as firm and cool-headed when necessary. She is dedicated to supporting the healthy development of infants and their families through this significant life change.



Specifically for postpartum, Grace comes highly recommended by past clients and fellow birth workers. Visit her site for more info and bio!


Amber Star Merkens is a mother, artist, breastfeeding counselor, and postpartum caregiver who is passionate about revolutionizing and reimagining how we transition into, and through, our roles as mothers. Whether it is with our first or fourth baby, our own place in the world transforms with each new addition to the family.

Using ancient wisdom and up to date evidence-based information to guide her in supporting women's physiological and emotional health, Amber provides in-home breastfeeding and postpartum support to new families, facilitates support groups, and offers postpartum planning workshops to expecting parents. She brings an open heart, professional hands, and extra perks like photography, healing ceremonies, and mind/body centering to her clients.

Amber lives in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn with her partner and their two wild and wonderful children.



Sydaiya has been working in the professional childcare field for 8 years. During this time she has focused primarily on newborn and infant care, becoming very well versed in the needs, patterns, and development stages of these crucial first two years.

Sydaiya's newborn care experience includes swaddling, diapering, bathing, creating eat/sleep/awake schedule for newborns which becomes the age appropriate adapted schedule over time. Umbilical cord and circumcision care. Breastfeeding assistance and transition to bottle feeding when the time is right for you! Sydaiya has also had experience with colic and babies with sleep issues. She is Baby Nurse Certified (newborn care specialist), CPR Certified (infant and baby), a DONA trained Birth Doula, and holds a Bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music.

"I love what I do and I am very comfortable working along side parents to increase fluidity in the household. Whatever that may take! I have acquired a lot of knowledge over time and am more than happy to share it with you.”