The missing link in modern maternity care! We hold your hand from pre-pregnancy to postpartum. From helping you to find the right care providers for you, to navigating pregnancy and planning for the postpartum time, we are your resource for informational and emotional support through this time. We join you for your labor and stay with you until the babe(s) are born and you are comfortable and everyone has eaten. We visit you postpartum to help you ease into this transition with the right information and support for you. Everyone's path is unique, and we hope to guide you gently down yours. 

Baby Stella! Photo by Ania

Baby Stella! Photo by Ania

Miss Matisse! Photo by Ania

Miss Matisse! Photo by Ania

Anna Cheechov

Anna's journey into the birth world began with her own pregnancy in late 2012. She was fascinated with the everyday miracle that was taking place in her body: growing her first baby! She delved deeply into books on pregnancy and childbirth and was excited to feel the entire experience from beginning to end. Little did she know, the transformational birth of her daughter, Nola Darling, would be the platform for launching her into her newfound passion-- BIRTH WORK! She hired a doula for her pregnancy and birth, and felt compelled to give other families similar support in such a fragile and transitional period in one's life. 

Anna completed her DONA doula training in late 2013 with Rina Crane in NYC, and started taking clients in early 2014. She is a member of the notable NYC Doula Collective. The Collective has served as continuing education, mentorship and sisterhood for her, and has been invaluable in her personal growth as a doula, mom and human being. She is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). Her understanding of lactation is not only technical, but is also rooted in the art of breastfeeding -- figuring out how it can work for you in your own personal life, and how to relax into it. She has also learned the art of preparing placentas for consumption or ritual. Anna also teaches private childbirth education classes to her clients wanting tailored information.  While in labor, her love for touch and massage, breathwork, essential oils, and her new-found magical reiki hands are what help her to get families through this process-- all bodies included! 

Over the years, Anna has grown as a woman and a mother alongside many others as she started taking clients when Nola was only 5 months old. She currently mentors newer doulasthrough the Collective and the Living Womb and has been mentored by many mamas and other birth workers, opening her eyes to the fact that it does take a village for families to thrive. The Living Womb was born out of this realization-- whole-istic care for families from pre-conception to postpartum. TLW is a branch of MINKA Brooklyn that physically, mentally and spiritually supports and uplifts mamas, partners and babies via a team of skilled practitioners, providing full-spectrum, holistic care before, during and after pregnancy. At MINKA, the womb workers of TLW host events and workshops centered around supporting pregnant and postapartum mamas. 

Anna lives in Brooklyn by way of Sacramento, CA where she was raised, became a yoga teacher and studied Business and Philosophy. She traveled a bit before landing in NYC 5+ years ago. She is now happy to call Brooklyn home. 


This group of doulas (that Anna is lucky to be a part of) does it all! From doula trainings, to continuing education for birthworkers, mentoring and sisterhood, these doulas know a thing or two about support! Please visit the site below to see what we're up to and and explore doula options at all different levels of experience and areas of interest.