The Living Womb was dreamt a few years ago when Anna, the founder, was a new mama and a new doula. She was walking her 1-year-old baby girl through the streets of Brooklyn on a beautiful summer day and her mind was illuminated with a vision of a space for people to receive holistic and alternative care for their bodies, minds and wombs. This includes bodywork via massage, acupuncture, reiki and mind work via meditation, circles and counseling. Womb work via doulas, herbalists, and other caring practitioners who specialize in women's health and spiritual wealth. A few years later, this vision has come to fruition. The Living Womb is collaborating with MINKA Brooklyn to offer full-spectrum whole-istic support to women (and families) from pre-conception to pregnancy, birth, the 4th trimester and beyond! We are so excited to be able to support individuals and families on this incredible journey of caring for ourselves and our future.