the ultimate, yet necessary treat for the whole family. Mama-baby centered care to help you integrate more softly into your 4th trimester. 



Kate is a postpartum doula and educator. She has been supporting women and their families in Brooklyn for the past eight years. She is a trained Doula of North American (DONA) birth and postpartum doula, a Newborn Mothers professional and is in the process of becoming a Mother Roaster through Sacred Postpartum. Kate lives in Ditmas Park with her two daughters and husband. She is additionally an herbalist and textile artist and loves to ride around on her bike with her two girls. Kate is passionate about supporting women as they find their strength and creativity in motherhood. Please see to learn more about her work. 

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Magali is a French-Canadian mother, artist, and postpartum doula who has been living in Brooklyn for ten years. She's wanted to be a mother as long she can remember and was blessed with her own child, Alaska, almost three years ago. She didn’t know much about childbirth before her pregnancy and believed it would be a natural process (which it was to a certain extent, for her). However, her complications arose after her daughter was born.  She was in a lot of pain mentally and physically and as helpful as her partner was, there were areas he didn’t understand. By the time her daughter was four months she met her first doula and was introduced to a world she immediately felt a deep connection to.  A couple months later, she began studying with DONA and felt compelled to be a part of the postpartum team to help mothers and newborns during a vulnerable, yet life-affirming time in their lives.